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The Wainfans are engineers, researchers, authors and inventors of innovative airplanes
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9/16/2010: The Edison2 Very Light Car Wins the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize


Barnaby is Chief of Aerodynamics for Edison2, and was responsible for the aerodynamic design of the car

Barnaby has been appointed Adjunct Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan

Click to read the official announcement of his appointment

Lynne has successfully completed her doctoral studies, and as of 3/18/2010 is officially Dr. Lynne Wainfan


Hear Barnaby's Interview on EAA Radio at Airventure 2008

Hear Barnaby's Interview on EAA Radio at Airventure 2009

  Barnaby's Interview on "Hour 25" web radio    


  Lynnes  Book: First Publication from her Research as a PhD Candidate at Rand

Lynnes Dissertation: "Multiperspective Strategic Decision Making." 

Lynnes Other Publications at Rand

Lynnes 2007 Donald Drury Creative Writing Award Winning Chapter

Barnaby's Projects 

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   MarkIII picture  Junkyard Wars logo CD picture

The Wainfan Family Builds Boats



Katie (or Kathryn as she is known in some circles) spent part of the summer of 2008 in London as an intern in the House of Commons of the British Parliament.  She is now back in London pursuing her Masters Degree at the London School of Economics. 

Click on the picture of her in front of Westminster Palace with her spiffy Parliamentary Pass to read her London blog.


Visit Katie's Photography Portfolio:


Mandy and Julie are now both published aviation photographers. 

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(New 5/14/2008)

Barnaby designed this "EXO-Wing" human flight rig for Atair Aerospace. The EXO Wing in this picture is hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It was part of the "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy" exhibit (5/7/2008 through 9/1/2008) produced by the museums Costume Institute. Click here for an Atair press release about the exhibit and the EXO-Wing.

  Facetmobile and FMX-5 Lifting Body Airplanes   


NASA PAV (Personal Air Vehicle) Facetmobile Project 


FMX-5 Ultra High Altitude UAV: 

While progress on the restoration of the original Facetmobile, N117WD, has been extremely slow, other exciting things have been happening in the Facetmobile World. For the past few years, an unmanned FMX-5 has been under development to return payloads from balloons flying at extremely high (over 98,000 feet) altitudes. These FMX-5 based vehicles have been flying since mid 2005. We have just now been given permission by our customer to reveal a little about this program. Click on the picture to learn more about it.


Popular Science Reports on the Facetmobile Project 

 Barnaby is Chief of Aerodynamics for Edison2.  The Edison2 Very Light Car won the mainstream class of the Progressive Automotive X-Prize.  Barnaby, and associate Ron Mathis  were primarily responsible for carís design. During competition testing at Michigan International Speedway, the VLC demonstrated 129.6 MPGe highway and 109.2 MPGe combined highway, city, and urban.


Edison2 Very Light Car Automotive X-Prize Winner


In January, 2010, the first complete Very Light Car was displayed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit


The Very Light Car in action at the test track. Click on the picture to see the Edison2 photo gallery from the first test day



Racecar Aerodynamics

Barnaby is now doing aerodynamics design and consulting for race cars. 


Chris Rado's World Racing Scion tC Time Attack Car 

(Updated 10/16/2009)

Chris Rado and World Racing have retained Barnaby and friend and associate Ron Mathis to advise on their 900+ horsepower factory-backed Scion tC for the Redline Time Attack  series.  Ron provided  advice and recommendations for suspension design and settings, and Barnaby devised a way to take advantage of the very liberal aerodynamics provisions in the Time Attack rules. The results of this collaboration between World Racing, Barnaby, and Ron have been dramatic to say the least.


In its first outing, at Willow Springs in California the car, with Chris at the wheel, won its class, beating the nearest competitors lap time by over 8 seconds. Chris's winning lap broke the track FWD lap record by 5.1 seconds. 

Motor Trend Coverage of the Car's Debut

Our Favorite Headline About the Car (Jalopnik)

As of 10/16/2009, World Racing and Chris Rado are 6 for 6. Every time it has raced the car has won its class (Unlimited FWD) and set a new track record.

Click Here to See Videos of World Racing in Action on Scionracing.com


Speed TV Interviewed Barnaby and his friend Ron Mathis at the Long Beach ALMS race. Ron is an accomplished racecar engineer. He is worked as a race engineer for Audi on the Audi R10 P1 car, and also did much of the chassis engineering on the GT2 Ford GT shown below. To see more of what Ron does see his website: Angerole.com 


Barnaby worked with the Robertson Racing team on their Doran-Ford GT running in the ALMS GT2 class. Click on the picture of the car to go to the Robertson Racing site.

Barnaby worked with Craig Breedlove on his last LSR car, the Spirit of America 3. This was the car that Craig built to race the British Thrust SSC team to Mach 1 on land.  On 15 October, 1997 Thrust SSC set the worlds first supersonic land speed record at 763.035 mph. Spirit of America 3 was sold to Steve Fossett, who was preparing it for an attempt at 800 mph at the time of his death.



Slides from Barnaby's Oshkosh Airventure 2007 "Fundamentals of Wing Design" Forum

Click on the lecturing man below to download the slides (pdf)



Junkyard Wars logo

  Read about Barnaby's adventure on Junkyard Wars      

See the press release on Barnaby's work with Kolb Aircraft  . Find out more below, and at the Kolb press release http://www.tnkolbaircraft.com

The first product of Barnaby's collaboration with Kolb Aircraft is the new crew enclosure he designed for the Mark III Extra. Click on the picture to learn more

  MarkIII picture

On a non-aviation note, Barnaby and partner Steve Desmond are pleased to announce the release of a CD entitled " Love, Death, and the Laws of Physics" featuring songs with lyrics by Barnaby and music by Steve. Hear excerpts and order your copy at the Love, Death, and the Laws of Physics Web Page.

CD picture  

  Love, Death, and the Laws of Physics CD: Songs by Steve Desmond and Barnaby Wainfan  

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